Our new logo using triangle arrows with a capital letter d form.The arrows indicate the breakthrough of the triangle, the future, and innovation, the triangle represents the change.Capital letter d is the first letter of the brand, can let the graphics are more outstanding, more good recognition.



In this show the application of the logo.

Combines DeLorean initials and triangle to express the concept of new DeLorean.


Color specifications of the sample have been clear about the available range of colors, and the environment and conditions.In some cases cannot be constrained by a kind of color is the tie-in, in different situations require different make people feel more flexible.

Color Standards

Typography Standards

Standard sample and parsing of font for brands in the business and need a lot of copy can give a person with the overall impression of occasions.In order to be able to regulate their own VI system and also give a person with the overall impression.

The font can reflect a good sense of science and technology and is the feeling of the future.It turns tough, this characteristic can be more outstanding brand confidence.

In order to use on formal occasions, a conservative, clear font is necessary.Avenir is used for this purpose, combined with the former one font for the brand service.